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Houston felony possession attorneysSomeone charged with possession of cocaine, methamphetamine, or heroin faces felony drug charges in Texas. The law is actually Possession of a Controlled Substance and falls under the 481 of Texas Health and Safety Code rather than the Penal Code. Being convicted can not only result in long prison sentences, but other consequences as well and the knowledge of a Houston felony possession attorney could be the help you need. A conviction, even if you get probation, will result in your driver’s license being suspended for up to a year, will show up on a criminal background check forever, and can prevent you from getting student loans.

Here is How the Amount of Cocaine Affects the Level of Offense:

Less than one gram State Jail Felony 6 months to 2 years State Jail
1-4 grams Third Degree Felony 2 years to 10 years prison
4-200 grams Second Degree Felony 2 years to 20 years prison
200-400 grams First Degree Felony 5 years to Life in prison
400+ grams First Degree Felony 10 years to Life in prison

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