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Houston Parole lawyer Paul Darrow represents and fights for people across the state of Texas. He does this with empathy and compassion for both the inmate, and the loved ones of the person that is incarcerated. We believe in second chances! Paul is a former State prosecutor who has represented individuals charged with crimes for over 15 years. He leverages his experience on both sides to help your loved ones be granted their freedom on parole.

In Texas, parole is a privilege, not a right, and most inmates do not have lawyers at their parole review. Hiring an experienced criminal attorney tells the Board of Pardons and Parole that there are people who care about the inmate. This is just one of many reasons it is so important to hire an experienced parole lawyer that fights and cares for their client.

The people that will be reviewing a loved one’s file to determine if they should be released early from prison have a massive caseload. Without an attorney to advocate for the person, they spend only minutes looking at a file before deciding and moving on to the next one. We make sure that your loved one’s file doesn’t “fall through the cracks,” but their positive traits, qualities, and humanness are seen in the most positive light possible by the Parole Board. At the Darrow Law Firm, PC, Paul understands that your loved one is a human being, not just an inmate number. They are not just the crime they are serving time for. Our job is to help show the Board of Pardons and P aroles that they deserve a second chance at freedom.


At the Darrow Law Firm, PC we advocate for your loved one in two ways: First, we work to put together a detailed “parole packet” to put in front of the people deciding if they should be granted parole. Second, Paul uses 15 years of experience as a trial lawyer to orally advocate at the parole review hearing to speak on their behalf; and fight for your loved one to be seen as a human being, not just the crime they are serving time for.


Since the Parole Board is more likely to choose more prison time over release from prison, it is important to have an experienced parole lawyer make sure all the paperwork is properly done, and in a way that gives our client’s the best chance at being granted their freedom. At the Darrow Law Firm, PC we know what works and what doesn’t.

The first, and crucial part, of creating the parole packet is getting to know the client, and their family and loved ones. It is so important to turn an “inmate” into a human being in the Parole Board’s eyes. We do that through compassionate and caring interviews and questionnaires; and a detailed review of their disciplinary file, educational achievements before and during their incarceration, police reports of their offense, and sometimes consultation with doctors, psychologists, and other experts when helpful. The goal is to get a full and well-rounded idea of the client’s entire life, not just the crime they are serving time for.

We work with the family, friends, and loved ones of the inmate to gather letters on behalf of the inmate. As an experienced advocate, Paul knows what the Parole Board is looking for, and helps in this process to point out the support the person has waiting for them when they are released from prison. We will always work with the family to highlight the support they will have at successfully returning to the “free world.”

We will highlight any educational certificates the inmate has earned while in prison or any programs they have completed. We also do our best to explain and put as positive a “spin” on any disciplinary violations they may have had. We always request the inmate’s disciplinary file from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, so we are never caught off guard.

Dealing with the offense for which the person is incarcerated is tricky tightrope to walk. This is another important reason to hire an experienced parole lawyer. Many times, the Parole Board doesn’t look into mitigating details of an offense. For example, they may only see that the person was convicted of Aggravated Robbery, but the reality is the client sat in the car and never even went into the convenience store that was robbed. He may have only been 17 or 18 years old at the time and was hanging out with an older crowd that he was trying to impress. While a very serious offense has happened, things like this need to be addressed and highlighted to the Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Another issue that frequently comes up is that the crime or crimes that were committed were done due to an alcohol or substance abuse issue that hadn’t been dealt with. Untreated mental illness can also play a huge part in the person’s past. These things must be properly addressed with empathy and compassion.


Paul Darrow is an experienced trial lawyer that uses his advocacy skills to fight for his clients throughout the state of Texas. Call now to set up a free phone consultation. (713) 446-5754


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