The Difference Between an Acquittal and a Conviction

As you may already know, a DWI offense stands for driving while intoxicated, but many people may not know the consequences that come with such an offense or what to do if charged with a DWI.

What Law is the Focus of the DWI Charge?

It is important to know exactly why someone is charged with a DWI. According to Texas law, the legal limit for a driver’s blood alcohol content is .08 percent per 100 ml of blood. However, you can still be accused with DWI if the prosecutor believes that your mental and physical abilities were not normal.

According to the Insurance Institute For Highway Safety, a license suspension or revocation traditionally follows conviction for a alcohol-impaired driving.” However, under the administrative license suspension procedure, a driver can have his license taken away if he or she refuses to take a chemical test. This procedure is allowed in 41 states, including Texas, and has proved to be effective.

A Good Galveston DWI Lawyer can Successfully Find Loopholes and Fight a DWI Charge

A DWI is a very serious offense and very difficult to get out of. The only loophole per say would be a plea bargain, which is where a good Galveston DWI attorney would come in. A plea bargain is when the defendant pleas guilty but to a lesser charge than a DWI, like reckless driving. This is an arrangement between the government and the defendant. Often times the DWI attorney will find this method beneficial to the defendant because the sentence is much less severe.

For instance, if the test shows a [blood alcohol content] to be .09 or .10, the field sobriety tests are inconclusive,… the prosecution may be willing to change the charge from [DWI] to a lesser offense, such as reckless driving… which will result in a far less-harsh sentence, according to the legal information website, Nolo, which in Latin means “I don’t choose to.”

What Kind of Questions Does a Galveston DWI Attorney Ask His Clients?

A good lawyer will want to know your personal and business background, and anything relevant to your case. It is also very important to show your DWI lawyer all the documents that you have concerning your case such as, bail papers, police paper work, etc.

As stated earlier, a DWI offense is very serious and you definitely want to hire a good DWI attorney, one that devotes a good amount of time to your defense and who knows the local legal system.

The sooner you contact a a DWI lawyer, the longer they have to prepare a good case in your favor.