Crime Continues to Decline Across Houston

While Houston was recently rated as the 4th most dangerous city in Texas according to a study we completed at The Darrow Law Firm, crime is still showing a downward trend in the city. The most recent crime statistics from show that the crime index for Houston in 2014 was 534.5, down 151.4 points from 2002.

While murders and rapes show a slight decline, the rate of arson’s across the city showed a seriously decline of almost half. In 2002, there were 1,696 arson crimes in Houston and that dropped to just 716 in 2014.

Houston Arson Crime Rate

Image source: City-Data

Unfortunately the decline needs to be more significant across the board to alterĀ Houston’s reputation for being a dangerous city. The Houston crime rate is stillĀ more than double the national average, with robberies showing the biggest gap.