Charged With a DWI in Houston?

First Time DWI Penalties

A first time DWI offender faces a Class B misdemeanor with up to 180 days in county jail. Almost always this sentence will be probated for a first time DWI offender. This means the person will be placed on probation…Read More

Second Time DWI Penalties

If it can be shown that a person has a prior conviction for an alcohol related offense under Chapter 49 of the Texas Penal Code (a prior conviction for DWI) they are facing a Class A misdemeanor…Read More

Felony DWI

If you have two prior DWI convictions, you are now facing a felony DWI. The stakes at this point are very high. You face from a minimum of two years in prison up to ten years in prison. You may be eligible for community…Read More

Drivers License Revocation

When you are charged with DWI or DUI in the Houston area you not only face criminal charges for Driving While Intoxicated, but you also face a civil hearing to have your drivers license suspended. This is called an…Read More


DO I HAVE TO DO THE BREATH TEST? By now you have probably heard that you don’t have to blow or give a breath test. This is 100 % true. It may result in a longer license suspension than if you took the breath test…Read More

Intoxication Assault

Intoxication Assault is a third degree felony. In order to prove Intoxication Assault the State must show that serious bodily injury was caused by the driver of a vehicle and the drivers intoxication was a cause of the injuries…Read More

Intoxication Manslaughter

Intoxication Manslaughter is a second degree felony. In order to find a person guilty of Intoxication Manslaughter the State must prove that a person is guilty of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated (DWI) and…Read More


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